Old Ottawa East dog regulations update

Old Ottawa East dog regulations update

The office of Councillor Chernushenko has been working with the City’s Parks group, By-law services and community representatives to come up with a plan to address changes at the former Oblate land, where off-leash dogs were regularly exercised.

Earlier this year, a group representing community dog owners presented at the Old Ottawa East Community Association (OOECA) and it was thought that a full consultative process would be possible this spring. Unfortunately, due to unexpected staff vacancies in by-law services, this has not happened.

Recently, Councillor Chernushenko met with community representatives from the OOECA, the Community Activities Group of Old Ottawa East (CAG) and the Old Ottawa East dog group to discuss next steps. The Councillor committed to working with By-law services to conduct the consultative process as early as possible, but due to election regulations, this will have to wait until the end of October.

The community will be invited to participate in the consultation process by official postings by by-law in the proposed parks and through the Mainstreeter and the Old Ottawa East eUpdate.

In the meantime, here are the plans that the dog group and the Councillor propose to present during the consultation:

Click here for downloadable version:  Proposed Brantwood and Springhurst Designation Maps