Main Event: Garage Sale

Time to sort out that basement? Start to plan your sale now! Sale is advertised in the Ottawa Citizen, on Kijiji and through social media. Signs are put up along Main Street and Lees, participants are recommended to put up signs from these streets to their own sale. Sale runs throughout Old Ottawa East, from Rideau Gardens Drive to Greenfield Avenue (including Kings Landing) and from Echo Drive to the Rideau River. Residents are welcome to participate on their own premises and businesses are invited to set up sidewalk sales.

Calvary Baptist Church invites you to use their property for setting up your sales table. If you'd like to set up a table you bring your own and share the property with the others who will have tables set up. We will not be at our facility for much time that day, but if you need assistance please contact Pastor Kenny Wallace at:

Sale goes ahead rain or shine!

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