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“SLOE 3” – The Next Wave of Green Transformation

By John Dance October 3rd, 2016 So what’s next for SLOE - how can Sustainable Living Ottawa East launch a third wave of transformative “green” projects in Old Ottawa East and what are key possibilities? These questions were bounced around at two focus groups attended by new and long-standing SLOE members and the proposed possibilities…
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Main-ly Safely Navigating

By John Dance September 21st, 2016 Main Street is all so new with zigzags, elephant feet, shark teeth, bike boxes and sharrows. The new street markings present an educational challenge for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians but improved safety and comfort for all users will make it all worth it. With September’s opening of the rebuilt…
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Mornings on the Dock

By Kaeli Van Regan September 13th, 2016 Sitting down on the dock at the end of Clegg Street at 7:00 am this summer was quite a peaceful place to be. Mostly the dock was empty so I rolled out my yoga mat. Some days it was already being used and this filled my heart even…
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Brantwood Park: The Hidden Countryside in Old Ottawa East

By Jamie Brougham September 1st, 2016 Brantwood Park is beautiful niche of countryside in Ottawa, and provides us with the opportunity to get in touch with nature, ourselves, and our families. One of the best parts of Brantwood is seeing young parents with their young children. The kids always seem happy. They are like puppies…
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Main Farmers Market to return to Main Street in 2017

By Carol Workun August 14th, 2016 The Main Farmers Market is to return to Main Street for the 2017 season! Vendors will set up shop next May in the parking lot next to Singing Pebbles Books, across the street from their previous location at Saint Paul University. Ron Farmer, co-owner of the Green Door restaurant…
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“Angling For The North Star” Domicile Artwork

By Isobel Smith August 9th, 2016 Ever wondered about the animals fishing on top of the Domicile “The Corners at Main” Presentation Center? You may recognize the style as similar to other public artwork in the Ottawa area. Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, David Chick explains why Domicile was inspired to bring Tim desClouds'…
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