Our mandate

The Community Activities Group of Old Ottawa East (CAG) is a community-based, non-profit organization that works in partnership with the City of Ottawa to provide recreational and cultural programming in Old Ottawa East that is accessible, diverse and responsive to community interests and needs.

We work with community members, instructors and partners to offer a range of activities for all ages - from playgroups for babies and preschoolers, to recreational child care programs for school-age children, to fitness, sports and general interest programs for children and adults, and free community events that offer opportunities for community engagement and volunteering, and a program of activities that are of interest to all community members.

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Our location

The community of Old Ottawa East is located on either side of Main Street, east of the Canal, west of the Rideau River, south of Sandy Hill and north of Old Ottawa South. It encompasses the area that was once the Village of Ottawa East. Main Street was the main street of the village and the name remained after it was annexed to the City of Ottawa because Ottawa had no other Main Street in 1907.

CAG programs, events and activities take place at:

Our partners

CAG is grateful for the support it receives from Community Partners. This support helps to ensure high quality programs and activities throughout the year. Their generous contributions directly support CAG's overall success.

Thanks to 2020-21 Community Partner, Watson's Pharmacy.

Our Board of Directors

President - Tina Raymond
Treasurer - vacant
Secretary - Suzanne Taylor
Communications Committee Chair - Jana Trembinski
Events Committee Chair - Helena Forbes
Member at large, Events Committee Member - Joanne Lostracco
Member at large, Communications Committee Member - Tera Winters

Email: admin@ottaweastcag.ca

CAG board members are elected for an initial one (1) year term - from the date of their appointment to the next Annual General Meeting, with option to renew for two (2) additional two (2) year terms. The CAG Annual General Meeting is generally held the second Tuesday of November.

Our Staff

Executive Director - Carol Toone
Lead Co-director of Programs - Nivethine Mahendran

Our City of Ottawa partners

CAG works in partnership with the City of Ottawa, with shared responsibilities for OOE recreational facilities and space, made available to CAG through a program agreement. CAG works in partnership with the City of Ottawa to run indoor and outdoor activities and to maintain and enhance community facilities and outdoor spaces to help ensure they meet community needs.
City of Ottawa Complex Manager - Lise-Anne Robichaud
Email: Lise-Anne.Robichaud@ottawa.ca


Sandy Hill Community Health Center
Gerald Dragon, Project Coordinator/Community Developer
Email: cgdragon@sandyhillchc.on.ca


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