Message to Community

Friday, March 27, 2020

Dear CAG community members,

As you are aware, CAG made the difficult and extraordinary decision to suspend programs and activities on Friday, March 13th. We confirm this suspension will continue until further notice.

We know the next weeks will be uncertain and will raise many questions as well as place a significant burden on individuals, businesses and organizations. Your patience and understanding is appreciated as we work through the various questions and adjustments we must make.

Please be assured that, in addition to taking required actions to ensure the health and safety of staff, program participants and the broader community, we are taking steps to help ensure the future of CAG.

We will be reviewing and reconciling accounts for the interruption, but know the suspension has already resulted in significant actions, including cancellation of programs and reductions in staff and instructor hours. For this reason, we respectfully ask that, if possible and in the spirit of the CAG value to make the community a better place to “Live, Work and Play”, you consider leaving your account “as is” with no adjustment until reconciliation is completed and we reopen.

In an effort to support continuity for CAG and its program participants, staff and instructors, we will be offering online classes and sessions for Spring programs, in lieu of in-person format, where possible. More information will be provided on this soon. We hope this will provide an opportunity for you to stay connected to your instructors and fellow participants amid physical distancing and isolation measures, as well as continue to support revenue for the CAG and its staff. We invite you to please continue to support and attend these programs in a united effort to mitigate the serious financial strain that these unprecedented times have and will continue to place on our small not-for-profit organization and our employees.

Please be assured that CAG leadership is monitoring the situation closely to ensure continuous risk management and business continuity planning. Should the state of emergency continue over the next months, we recognize it may be necessary to move to more difficult measures such as full lay-off of staff and suspension of all operations and programming.

This situation has also helped to highlight the amazing and committed complement of staff and instructors in CAG, who have continued to give us their best and stand by CAG during this exceptional time of flux and transition. Some community members have inquired about launching a campaign to raise funds for staff lost wages, understanding as we do that it may be difficult for some to make ends meet during the period of down-turn. We appreciate this incredibly generous and thoughtful idea, and have begun to set-up a CAG Staff Interruption Fund, to collect funds to directly help staff members in need. We will certainly be pleased to bring you more on this in future. Should we reach critical shortfalls and require full operational suspension, through your generosity, we will be able to help ensure all members of our team are able to focus on what is really important: staying safe and healthy.

Please know that we are working diligently to ensure that community activities will return once we emerge from this crisis, and we will "live, work and play” together, in person, once again.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff, we hope that you are keeping safe, supported and healthy. We look forward to seeing you again!

Carol Toone
Executive Director

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