Summary of CAG Program Survey April 2019

CAG conducted a Program Survey for CAG’s fitness, sport and general interest programming for both children and adults, after school programming and camps are to be surveyed separately.

The survey was circulated via eUpdate and by direct email to registrants in CAG programs within the past year. We received 123 responses from community members registered in our programs.

Overall, the survey revealed that 78% of those who responded live in Old Ottawa East, with location being a one of the key driving factors for choosing programs with CAG. Adult Fitness Programs are the largest category of options offered by CAG, and 62% of respondents had taken at least one fitness course in the past year, a much higher response rate than any other program. Second highest response rate was for playgroups at 20%.

We are happy to report that the overall satisfaction with CAG programs is high, with most respondents claiming to be satisfied or very satisfied with the value of programming as a whole, while instructors and support staff were consistently reported to be excellent.

In terms of facilities, we saw the age of the building and its propensity for dustiness, lack of air circulation and small program spaces reflected in the responses on the survey and are working to ensure that our spaces are fit for the programs we run, to the best of the building’s ability and continue to work with the City and other potential partners towards a new facility for our community.


In response to some specific questions:

6% of respondents requested more variety in programs and a variety of times.

We at CAG to strive to offer a variety of programs but we are a small community and registration numbers sometimes do not support new programs and they are cancelled. We are noticing however with increased density in the community with our new neighbors moving into Greystones and Corners on Main that we are having more success.

Given the population of the community this has been a particular challenge for daytime classes. We strive to do more as the community grows.

7% of respondents were concerned about the cramped space in some of the larger classes.

We are always balancing the need to accommodate everyone and the inadequacy of the room sizes we have available to us. If there are particular classes that you consider oversubscribed please let us know at our email (below), and we can consider reducing the number of registrations we accept in those classes.

General feedback noted the inadequacy of our community spaces in Old Ottawa East. CAG continues to work with the City of Ottawa and other partners toward a new facility appropriate for our community needs.

Someone asked about March break, PA day, and summer camp programs for 2 and 3 year olds.

Sadly groups such as ours are unable to provide programming of this nature for under 4’s, this is Ontario childcare legislation.

Someone asked about out covers for the outlets where there are children’s programs
The outlets in all of our program areas are specifically designed to be child proof without the need for child proof outlet covers. We will note this in the rooms for the reassurance to parents/guardians.

CAG does strive to meet the needs of the community and as such we always encourage community members to contact us during the year if they have ideas, requests or comments. We can be reached at or drop by the Old Town Hall during opening hours.

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