Brantwood Construction Continues into Spring

The City of Ottawa has begun to implement a temporary landscaping plan in the northern half of Brantwood Park, and some residents are unhappy with the development. The temporary field is being built because the City says it is too late for the usual grass surface and they want to open the field for users for mid-May. The temporary surface is stone dust - permanent sod will be installed in the fall when it has time to take root in the park. The price tag for this temporary work is understood to be $93,000 and will mean heavy trucks and machinery in the park again in fall 2019.

Residents near the park are concerned this is not a suitable surface for the number of ultimate and rugby games that are played on the baseball outfield, never mind the regular park use by the general public. The field at the south end of the park can expect to receive the same temporary finish this week, which will also impact the Soccer Internationals that play there two nights a week. There are also concerns about blowing dust in the area from the field, and frustration that the alterations in the park were not adequately detailed in the City’s construction proposal, though the City claims that unidentified user groups were consulted on the work.

The construction proposal for the entire Brantwood Park area road, sewer, and water main renewal began in 2017. The current phase of the plan is listed as ‘Property Reinstatement’, which includes completion of sidewalks and pavement, hard landscaping, and soft landscaping, including sod and planting.

For further questions regarding the construction project, the City’s project manager Julie Lyons is available for contact by email or at 613 580 2424 ext. 13343. Councillor Shaun Menard has also been contacted for comment.

For further details about the entirety of the construction project and other contact personnel, please click here.

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