March Break Fun at Old Town Hall

Two children pose enthusiastically wearing paper lion masks

This past week the Old Town Hall has been packed full of children, games and activities. Each day had different crafts and activities based around a different theme to keep things fresh and exciting, and we were fortunate to get plenty of lovely weather and snow for making snow people, creatures and forts, and even snow painting.

Other outdoor activities were the eternal favorite, soccer, as well as testing out bottle rockets made earlier in the day, potato sack races, blob tag, manhunt and cops and robbers, and finally an outdoor pop-rocket test accompanied by some not-very-scientific theorizing as to which soda would explode best when mixed with mentos candy (for those interested in the results, Coke was by far the winner, with Ginger Ale coming in second and Orange Crush being a total dud).

three children paint papier mache helmets

Indoors, the kids got up to a whole host of crafts – some of the favorites being multicolored fizzy lava lamps, a slime workshop where they were able to experiment with various glues, starches, bonding agents and sparkles to see what combination made the best slime, as well as animal masks, papier mache animal helmets and medieval shields.

three children paint cardboard medieval shields

When the weather was too grey, the kids had a grand time playing indoor games including building their own extremely complicated and completely adult-proof obstacle course, building forts, playing dodgeball, parachute games, and many quieter board and group games like Magic, Clue, Uno and Werewolf.

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