After School Fun at Old Town Hall

Three after school participants stand around a snowman they have built, all grinning widely.

The fun continues at after school this winter as the kids at Old Town Hall have spent lots of time enjoying the snow before coming indoors to warm up and play.

three children ruffle a large parachute on the gym floor as another climbs around on top of it

Favorite snow activities have included building snowmen, with a variety of interestingly shaped ice-block-heads or regular smiling faces made of seeds, and making snow forts. The engineering capability of some of the kids in the program is impressive! Some have constructed forts with large walls by digging down into the snow, or have hollowed out igloo-type hideouts for themselves. Snow soccer is also a big hit for many.

two children use strings and an elastic band to work together and build a tower of cups

Indoors we have been building forts out of gym mats, playing dodgeball, gaga ball and floor hockey in the large upstairs room. Downstairs activities are calmer, and children enjoy unwinding playing boardgames, learning to play Magic: The Gathering as well as learning to sew and knit. Some children have been busy making pompoms, scarves and pouches to wrap their new creations in.

Other games like sardines and cup-stacking challenges encourage the children to work together as they play and have been a big hit, though the highlight of the past few months has been our Connect 4 tournament: a fierce competition in which all children competed in over a month’s worth of games to see who would be the Connect 4 Champion of After-School!

If you are looking for a welcoming, lightly structured after-care option for your child that encourages outdoor time, active play and creativity, registration for After-School at both Old Town Hall and Brantwood locations of our program opens on March 5th!

More information and registration can be found here

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