Brantwood After School Fun!

Winter has settled in at Brantwood Park but it has not stopped the After School kids from enjoying the park.  There has been lots of skating this year.  And wow, some of those kids are very fast skaters!!! The ice is in great shape thanks to the volunteer flooders and the cold weather. The kids have also been sledding with crazy carpets and building snow forts.

Forts are a big hit this year at Brantwood both outside and inside.  Every day when the kids arrive staff have devised a new and different fort for them to play in.  His creations are built from mats, chairs, tables, blankets, towels, large blocks etc.  The kids can't wait to see what new creation awaits them each day.  There has been some awesome creative and co-operative play within those forts.   You can almost always find paper, pencils, markers, a flashlight and some happy kids in the fort!

To round out our winter days board games, crafts and especially origami have been popular.  There are always a few choices of games, books and toys set out for the children  to play with each day.  But Apples to Apples, Sorry, Boggle and Smart Mouth have been the most asked for games so far.  A nice way to end the day after the outdoor fun.

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