After School Fun at Old Town Hall

The Old Town Hall After School program has had lots of fun this fall.

We have been taking advantage of the until-recently pleasant weather playing football, knee-pit tag, grounders and soccer outside in our play area. For those more craft inclined, the children have put together many beautiful creations using beads and weaving embroidery thread. Some have been practicing their sewing skills making leg-warmers out of felt, and embroidering their names onto fabric.

In the lead up to Halloween, the program set themselves to making Old Town Hall as spooky as possible, coloring terrifying decorations to put around the building and making spooky keychains and baubles out of melty beads. The kids got up to their elbows in guck to complete the Halloween crafting, hollowing out their very own pumpkins and drawing faces on them to be carved out by the counsellors. All this preparation finally wrapped up with everyone in costume on Halloween, dancing to the monster mash and playing a ghoulish game of giant twister.

Children lean over a pumpkin and make faces while emptying it of seeds

Now we are getting into the winter spirit by painting winter scenes and decorating them with cut out houses, cotton ball snowflakes and trees. On rainier days, we have been having dance offs to the Macarena and many other favorite tunes, playing lots of boardgames, and one of our counsellors bravely challenged all of the kids to see who can beat him in a tournament of Connect 4.

We’re looking forward to the coming months and many new crafts, activities and friends.

More information about the programs here

Two children paint their craft. Girl on the left is seated and painting white snowflake dots onto her canvas. Boy to the left is standing and preparing a pompom

Two boys paint their canvasses blue. One to the left is focused on his art, while the boy on the right waves his paintbrush in the air

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