Brantwood After School Fun!


Its been a good Fall at Brantwood for the After School program. Both school buses, Hopewell and Lamoureux, are now dropping right outside Brantwood field house.  The children and counsellors are loving this - more time to play!!

Construction in the park, has not stopped us from enjoying the great outdoors.  The children have been having a great time in the park!  Favourite activities have been treasure hunts, parachute games, nature scavenger hunts, running games, soccer and football.  The play structures of course are always popular but the children have also played with hula hoops, bean bags, skipping ropes, chalk and horse shoes.   One of the highlights of outdoor play in Brantwood Park this fall has been raking up a giant pile of leaves and jumping in.  What kid can resist a leaf pile?

The fun has not stopped inside the field house - the children have been making salad rolls and apple bobbing, as well as constructing elaborate forts. Pictionary and other games on the white board are always a big hit too. You can often find a couple of kids engrossed in an intense game of foosball.

And let's not forget the crafts.  The children have made wool mummies, hedgehogs, popsicle stick scarecrows, paper cup parrots, paper plate instruments, tissue paper trees, paper plate turkeys and origami pumpkins.  Beading, painting and making scenes out of plasticene were also popular activities.  The children get to make their own suggestions for activities too.  This month the kids decided they wanted to sew stuffies using felt.  Some of the creations were a cat, a fox, a pillow and one boy even made a Christmas stocking.  For Halloween, the children had a blast carving jack-o-lanterns.

For more information on CAG After School programs check out the info here

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