Main Event Brings Together Friends, Families, Neighbours, and More

Monday, June 18th

Saturday’s Main Event was only scheduled to start at 10:00 a.m., but neighbours started to flock toward the many stands and booths long before then. After all, there was so much to see and do; they wanted to make sure to have time to take it all in!

There was a petting zoo and inflatable castle. There was the Main Farmers Market and the Old Ottawa East Community Association’s annual barbecue. There was mask painting, science activities for kids, food trucks, music, and so much more. Two bands, the Stan Clark Orchestra and the Gentlemen of the Woods, played music throughout the event that kept attendees dancing. Once it became clear that Mother Nature had decided to cooperate as well with plenty of sunshine and not too much heat, there was no staying away!

Old Ottawa East residents of all ages filled the sidewalks and street to take part in the many activities from opening to closing. A number of visitors also admitted that they were not from the neighbourhood, but had heard the festivities while passing through and couldn’t help but join in. Old Ottawa East and Main Street left a favourable impression on all.

  • horse-drawn carriage
    The Main Event 2018

A big thank you to everyone who helped make the event possible:

The volunteers: Lisa, Todd, Declan & Isla Dunnett, Glen MacEachern, Carol Anne Owen, Felix Marais, Kaeli Van Regan, Darrah Boudreau, Sevda & Melina Lisiecki, Anthony & Nicolas Petryk, Selena & Jacob Arvai, Denise Inglis, Joanne Lostracco, Michelle Coyne, Dan & Keiden Byrne, Tony Veldcamp, Chaz Davies, Tai Farrel, Ramine Shaw, Taya Morris, Catherine Hooker, Chris Denning, Mary Tran, Jane Gough, Tina Raymond, Lynne Byford, Melanie Gilbert, Chloe Wilshaw & Audrey Wilshaw, Jessica Ross, David Barclay, Suzanne Gagnon, Dave Macki, John Dance, Nadia Shields, Chelsea Fulton, Tasmin Clunis, Mia Hebb, Marie-Eve Noel, Tera Winters, Collette Murray & Greg Kipling, Mackenzie Buchanan, Bob Gordon & his team, Don Fugler, Lorna & Peter Kingston, John Dance, David Chernushenko, Suzanne Johnston, Josee Luk, Phyllis Odenbach-Sutton, Andrew Power, Heather & John Jarrett, Ron & Eleanor Rose, Jamie Brougham, Jen Abma & her team, Wendy McRae, and Sue Beattie.

Thank you also to CAG staff Megan Shoemaker and Isobel Smith.

Thank you to CAG program participants. Without your support throughout the year CAG events would not be possible!

Main Event Sponsors

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