Women’s Ultimate at Springhurst Park

By Susan Redding

October 13th, 2016

Old Ottawa East welcomed a new sports league this summer. Organized through the Community Activities Group, Women’s Ultimate Frisbee enjoyed a successful first season. Approximately 50 players, organized into four teams, competed on Thursday evenings at Springhurst Park from early May to late August. The league welcomed everyone from beginners to former national-caliber players and featured a broad range of age groups.

Ultimate is a self-officiated sport that relies on a principle called “Spirit of the Game” rather than referees to guide player behaviour. Participants are expected to play fair, call their own fouls, and show respect for their opponents at all times. Players who do are said to have ‘good spirit.’

At Springhurst, good spirit extended beyond the games themselves. The league emphasized camaraderie and fun, both on and off the field. Veteran players hosted free skills clinics to coach the newer players. Every fourth week, the teams mixed up their regular rosters to give participants a chance to play with different people. Post-game socializing at the Royal Oak or Giant Panda on Lees Avenue helped us get to know one another. A mid-season karaoke social night was a hit with everyone (except maybe the neighbours).

Women’s Ultimate will return next May. We encourage anyone who would like to try a challenging sport, make new friends and enjoy the neighbourhood’s best girls’ night out to join us. Details will be announced through CAG next spring.

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