Should Lady Evelyn Have A French Immersion Option?

By Shawn Menard

November 11th, 2016

Over the course of my time as Trustee, I have heard from different voices in Old Ottawa East that they would like to see French Immersion at Lady Evelyn. As many will know, Lady Evelyn is an 'alternative school'. This means that the school is based on student-centered learning and provides students opportunities to meet Ministry expectations with flexibility to allow greater concentration in areas of their own interest and aptitudes. You can read more about it here. I believe in the value of alternative education.

The district has just released a draft Elementary School Program Framework (ESPF) . The Framework explains that the district's model for elementary school program delivery is the designated community school model. The framework outlines our elementary program offerings, school configuration models, school size, and addresses single and dual track schools.

The document does not address the possibility of French Immersion in any of the OCDSB's Alternative schools. I personally believe that at least one school should offer this option and that it should be Lady Evelyn. Students bus from all over the city to attend alternative schools, and that would continue, but with a French immersion option, more parents would consider utilizing this community school in OOE (which is under-capacity), particularly with the large Greystone development directly beside the school.

Consultation on the ESPF is underway and if you wish to get involved you could discuss this issue at school council; complete the survey; and/or send an e-mail to and

Consultation continues until December 21st. The survey deadline is December 13. The final staff report, including feedback gathered through consultation will be presented for discussion at the OCDSB Committee of the Whole meeting on January 17, 2017.

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