Our Almost Complete “Complete Street”

By John Dance

December 5th, 2016

Last Wednesday, as scheduled, Main Street again became a two-way route after almost two years of reconstruction. But it sure looks different and works differently than when construction started back in 2015.

More work will be done over the next few weeks and almost all of the construction will be done until the spring.

As project manager Josée Vallée notes, “The Contractor is presently completing the sidewalks/road, placing the topsoil and cleaning up the site. They will demobilize by the middle of December. There will be no construction over the winter months. The only activity will be some sewer lining south of Clegg (minor traffic impact during off-peak hours) – most people won’t notice this work is happening.”

“Construction will resume in the spring (likely April) and should wrap up by the end of June,” she says.

The major activities for 2017 are:
· Rebuild of a Hydro manhole just north of Riverdale;
· Installation of the glass panels for the public art in front of Saint Paul University;
· Completion of the work (retaining walls and sidewalk) at the corner of Lees Avenue;
· Construction of the concrete islands at Mason Terrace, Riverdale Avenue, Elliot Avenue and the McIlraith Bridge approach;
· Paving of the final layer of asphalt south of Clegg Street; and
· Landscaping (sod, trees, and garden reinstatements).

But as the Harvey to MacIlraith (Smyth) Bridge section wraps up work will begin on planning the most northerly section from Harvey to the Canal. “The City is in the process of retaining a consultant to undertake the functional design for Main Street from Harvey to Echo, Greenfield from Main to King Edward and Colonel By from Hawthorne to Graham, says Ms Vallée. The City will contact the community association in the coming weeks to participate in the working group.

The McIlraith Bridge restoration is also nearing completion. Senior engineer Lei Gong says, “The contractor will demobilize from the site on December 23. The bridge will be fully open in December 2016, hopefully [this] week, weather dependent in order to complete the line painting, including the new bicycle lanes.”

Next spring the outstanding bridge work will be completed, including final topsoil and seeding and the final layer of asphalt.

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