Mornings on the Dock

By Kaeli Van Regan

September 13th, 2016

Sitting down on the dock at the end of Clegg Street at 7:00 am this summer was quite a peaceful place to be. Mostly the dock was empty so I rolled out my yoga mat. Some days it was already being used and this filled my heart even more. It was so delightful to see all those from around the neighbourhood enjoying this precious time of day.

There was always the dogs who would explore the edge of the river or even hop in for a morning dip and their kind owners who no doubt have their pets to thank for getting them up for this early morning experience.

On a couple of the mornings I saw someone quietly fishing, some people paddle boarding and some families canoeing. Amazing to see all this activity happening in the middle of a city.

My early morning visits to the dock were kind of an experiment for the summer. I wanted to see if I could experience the feeling of being on vacation while remaining in my home and in everyday life. I am pleased to say that it was possible. The beauty of the nature in Old Ottawa East is like being at a cottage, the fun events planned and unplanned are like going to the fair, and familiar faces of people enjoying summer fun at the parks and Children’s Garden are really what the lazy days of summer are all about.

What I learned from this experience is that it doesn’t take some elaborate plans or off the charts adventure. If you look around you can enjoy exactly what you have, the people and places in your own backyard.

Throughout the summer I was reminded of the uniqueness in our community; how each person goes about their morning differently and then sets off for their daily journey. I was also reminded of the uniqueness of our community; how there is an openness and acceptance of one another; a comraderie of neighbours to support this.

So all in all it was a great experiment and experience and I thank all of you who smiled and said “Good Morning.”

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