“Angling For The North Star” Domicile Artwork

By Isobel Smith

August 9th, 2016

Ever wondered about the animals fishing on top of the Domicile “The Corners at Main” Presentation Center? You may recognize the style as similar to other public artwork in the Ottawa area.

Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, David Chick explains why Domicile was inspired to bring Tim desClouds' work into our neighbourhood “In showcasing local artists at The Corners on Main Presentation Centre, we’re celebrating the cultural experiences around us, right at our fingertips, in Ottawa’s urban environment.”

The art is made out of powdercoated painted steel, completed in partnership with Mike from Milligan Iron Works.

I had the opportunity to meet Tim and pick his brain about the values that inspired the art. The whimsical art has significant meaning in our community.

The animals are to represent diversity and multiculturalism in our community. As in children's books, the different animals interact without discrimination – something important in all communities. The animals in such an urban centre (there's a lot going on on Main Street!) encourage us to reflect on the fact that we are living in an area shared with animals.

You will also notice that the animals are fishing – this is similar to how when we join a community, we are casting out our line and hoping to find something positive! The animals each catch a globe surrounded by birds –the light symbolizing catching light and optimism, and the birds symbolizing re-nesting. When people move to condominiums, it is often in a period of optimistic re-nesting, whether it is a starter home or retirement.

David of Domicile believes that “Tim’s dynamic style, full of colour and whimsy... represent[s] the bright future of Old Ottawa East and Main Street in particular”

The red bench is an extension of the art. The bench reminds us that home is a place to rest and contemplate, both symbolically and literally!

“Angling for the North Star” will become a permanent aspect of The Corners on Main condominium, and will continue to foster Old Ottawa East's optimistic and accepting community.

Picture taken by Ainslie Coghil.

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