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Call out for Volunteers

Do you remember your first community event? Maybe it was here in the community at one of Old Ottawa East’s regular shindigs such as the Winter Party in the Park or the Main Event. Maybe it was as part of a sports group or partaking in a local barbecue. Maybe you don’t even remember your…
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Wanted: Snow Moles in Old Ottawa East

By Dianne Breton & Peggy Edwards, The Council on Aging of Ottawa January 30th, 2017 Snow Moles are volunteers who report on what it's like to walk outside on a winter day, by completing a one-page questionnaire and returning it to a community contact. The Snow Mole initiative is led by the Council on Aging of…
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Youth Opportunities at CAG

By Isobel Smith November 22nd, 2016 Although CAG primarily offers programs to children and to adults, it is also provides opportunities for youth (and young adults!) in the forms of volunteer and employment opportunities. The after-school and camp programs hire many high school and university students. I started working for CAG in June 2015 for…
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