2021 program registration opens online:

  • Fall 2020 - Tuesday, September 1
  • Winter 2021 - Tuesday, September 3
  • March Break Camp 2021 - Friday, January 15
  • Summer Camps 2021 - Friday February 5
  • Spring/Summer 2021 - Tuesday, March 2
  • After School 2021-2022 - Monday, March 29

In-person registration is not currently available due to COVID-19. To reach us:

Financial assistance is available.

General information

  • Registration is first come-first-serve and confirmed upon payment
  • A $2.00 service charge is applied to credit card transactions
  • If you experience problems registering online, you can try to update your browser and contact us at
  • Registration fees include applicable taxes
  • CAG may prorate registration fees part-way through a session, adjusted for to the number of remaining classes in the program. Prorated fees applied to a program are noted in the program outline.
  • Requests for fee prorating are sometimes granted, based on the program and circumstance, and are made by contacting us at Fee prorating cannot be applied retroactively
  • If the program you wish to register for is full, contact us at to be placed on a wait list
  • Program locations are identified in respective program outlines
  • For questions or more information, contact us at


CANCELLATIONS - If the minimum numbers of registered participants for a program to run has not been reached, the program will be cancelled. Participants may have the option to transfer to another program. Participants are notified of these cancellations by email, prior to the program start date:

  • Five (5) days prior for Seasonal Programs
  • Seven (7) days prior for PD Days
  • Fourteen (14) days prior for Summer and March Break Camps

Notification for single-class cancellations (i.e., due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness or inclement weather) are by phone and email to participants. Make-up classes are offered where possible, with dates posted to the website.

MINIMUM Participant Age - Children must be within the stated age range by the last day of the program. Children and youth under the ages of 16 may not attend adult programs unless indicated for this age group in the program outline.

MINIMUM Program Number - Based on direct costs of running the program, and in consideration of minimum numbers required to successfully run the program, e.g., sports. Minimum numbers are determined by the Executive Director in consultation with the Board of Directors. Programs that do not reach minimum numbers for two (2) consecutive sessions, will not continue to be offered.

PHOTOGRAPHS - CAG occasionally takes photographs during programs and events for promotional purposes. Photo waivers are completed at the time of registration. Photographs are the property of CAG and use of them  adheres its Privacy Policy.

PRIVACY - CAG values privacy and confidentiality and undertakes to handle and store personal information in a secure manner to protect it from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Personal information in our registration database is used only for the purpose of:

  • Notifying participants about changes and cancellations
  • Generating data to help support informed and responsive programming and marketing decisions
  • Generate program class and daily attendance sheets
  • Communicating with participants about upcoming programs and registration

PROGRAM Start-End Dates - Program dates are provided with program outlines. Please check the dates when you register. CAG does send program start-end date notifications to participants.


  • General
  • issued for programs cancelled by CAG, with refunds provided by the method in which payment was made, within three (3) weeks of cancellation
  • not issued for classes missed by a participant, unless upon presentation of a medical certificate, with refund prorated as applicable
  • not issued for individual classes that may be cancelled due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Make up classes are offered where possible
  • issued to participants upon request and completion of the Refund Request Form. Participant-requested refunds incur a $10 admin fee per registrant per program
  • we are unable to issue program credits
  • Seasonal Program Session - issued for withdrawals where 50% or less of a session has elapsed, prorated based on date of receipt of the refund request; and, issued where withdrawal is requested five (5) or more prior to the session start date and does not bring registration numbers below minimum
  • After-School Program -
  • not issued for withdrawal requests received between pre-registration date (payment of the deposit) and program start date, and will result in loss of deposit
  • issued for withdrawals after the start date with one (1) calendar month notice. If notice is less than one (1) calendar month, one (1) month fee is required in lieu of notice
  • not issued for temporary absences, unless upon presentation of a medical certificate, with refund prorated as applicable
  • PD Day/Special One-Day Child Care Program - issued where withdrawal is requested two (2) or more days prior to the program start date and the withdrawal would bring the class below minimum number requirements; and, issued with twenty (24) hour notice in the case of short-notice programs, such as those due to school closures, where withdrawal does not bring the class below minimum number requirements
  • Summer and March Break Camp - no refund issued where withdrawal is requested two (2) or less days prior to the camp start date and where the withdrawal brings registration numbers under minimum requirements; refund issued where withdrawal is requested two (2) or more weeks prior to the camp start date where withdrawal would not bring the camp below minimum number requirements. No refunds issued for temporary absences for any reason.

WEATHER - City of Ottawa policy is used to determine weather-based cancellation for outdoor programs, events and activities, e.g., reported temperature below minus 25ºC (with wind chill), freezing rain, hail, lightning. Due to the unpredictability of weather events, decisions to cancel may be made on the field, and change information posted to the website only, on the home page and under the respective program or event description.