About CAG

CAG Mandate
CAG is a voluntary, not for profit, community-based organization that works in partnership with the City of Ottawa to provide the residents of Ottawa East with programming, recreation, and special event opportunities that are local, affordable, inclusive and of interest to members of the community.

CAG responds to the needs of the community and tries to offer a wide range of programs that appeal to children, youth, adults and seniors. CAG aims to offer programming that includes sports and fitness as well as arts. CAG event and programming should reflect the diverse nature of the community.

CAG accomplishes this in partnership with the City of Ottawa staff using facilities made available to them through the City of Ottawa. These facilities include the Old Town Hall, Brantwood field house, Brantwood rink and the community parks. CAG works with the City of Ottawa to enhance our community buildings and outdoor spaces and ensure that they reflect the needs of the community.

CAG fosters relationships with other community organizations, institutions and businesses that are interested in supporting recreational goals in the community. CAG works closely with the community and community groups to ensure that the needs of our community are being met.

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The community of Old Ottawa East is located on either side of Main Street, east of the Canal, west of the Rideau River, south of Sandy Hill and north of Old Ottawa South. It encompasses the area that was once the Village of Ottawa East. Main Street was the main street of the village and the name remained after it was annexed to the City of Ottawa because Ottawa had no other Main Street in 1907. Much of CAG's programming takes place at or around Old Town Hall at 61 Main Street.

CAG Executive
Chair - Don Stephenson
Past Chair - Melanie Gilbert
Secretary/Communications - Tina Raymond
Treasurer - Lynne Byford
Volunteer & Events Coordinator - Lisa Dunnett
Email: board@ottawaeastcag.ca

CAG Staff
Executive Director - Carol Workun
Email: cworkun@ottawaeastcag.ca
Programming Assistant - Megan Shoemaker
Email: info@ottawaeastcag.ca
Programming Assistant - Isobel Smith
Email - admin@ottawaeastcag.ca

CAG executive members are elected for two (2) year terms (from the date of their election until the second annual general meeting after their election). Our annual general meeting is held the second Tuesday in November in conjunction with the Ottawa East Community Association.

Our City of Ottawa Partners
CAG works in partnership with City of Ottawa staff using facilities made available to us through the city.
Complex Manager (City Staff) - Lise-Anne Robichaud
Email: Lise-Anne.Robichaud@ottawa.ca

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